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Joachim – Jean D’arc 1/1


Medium: Oil and spray paint on canvas

Edition: Unique 1/1

Size: 150 x 150cm

Description: Signed on verso, accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity

Year: 2019

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Product Description

When Joachim was a child, he learned about ‘Jeanne D’Arc’ during one of his history lessons. Her story and her actions left a lasting impact. Joan of Arc (1412 – 1431), nicknamed ‘The Virgin of Orleans’, is a national heroine of France. As a young girl, she played a decisive role in the Hundred Years War between England and France. At the age of nineteen, she was sentenced by a partisan church court and died at stake. Twenty-five years after her death, Pope Calixtus III had the trial reviewed. She was found innocent and was given the title of a martyr at the verdict of her trial (July 7, 1456).