Calligraffiti Artist Said Dokins goes Back to School for BLOOP Festival, Ibiza 2018

Mexican calligraffiti artist Said Dokins has just completed his huge mural for BLOOP, the International Proactive Art Festival. BLOOP’s OpenAir. Gallery project is a long-term project to change the urban landscapes of Ibiza. Currently, OpenAir. Gallery continues to grow its collection with thirty murals and installations across the island.

Said Dokins paints a pair of murals in a school playground under the theme “HOPE”. The facades were created together with the children from the same institution.

After asking each student what Ibiza represented to them he painted every single word with his unique calligraphy style, which is a fusion of the west and east: weaving the children who carry the future and the murals together.

The mural truly embodies the festival’s ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”. Currently, it continues to grow its collection reaching nearly 30 murals and installations sprinkled across Ibiza island.

BLOOP Festival is running from the 23 August until the 8th September 2018, there will be much more to come! So stay tuned!



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