Ador – Four seasons and a wall

ADOR is a french street artist from Nantes, who creates murals of large-scale with imaginative humanoid characters. The wall is in his hometown of Nantes and during the past 12 months Ador has taken us through the seasons from Winter 2014 through to Autumn 2015 with his thought-provoking art.

Here his first painting on the wall is at Christmas time. Season 1 was painted in December 2014 for winter.

“The idea is to show a kind of revolt from a reindeer. He took hostage of Santa and killed all the little helpers.” Ador

Season 2 was painted in march 2015 for spring. Looks as though there’s a reference to a nursery rhyme…Humpty Dumpty egg and a wall!

“It’s a kind of ‘Uncle Sam’, on a walk with his nephew… who is an allegory of people – because of the legs. They walk but the countryside is closed by walls and pieces of broken bottles so they cannot continue. Uncle sam is composed of a lot of things, which can be everything we use to make this beautiful world.” Ador

Season 3 was painted in June 2015 for summer. The image is of a trader or a technocrat chilling out in the sea.

“People are drowning but he doesn’t care. A waiter offers him bread… not for everybody. He has a strip along his face. It’s a kind of russian doll, a box that we can open. Maybe it’s full of nothing… empty” Ador

Season 4 was painted few days ago in September 2015 for autumn. This time a tree growing buildings!

“A character-tree is trying to grow building, himself sit on one, and wearing a shirt “I love (city)”. He is wondering what happen, he is losing his chemical leaves” Ador

Will we get to see Santa free by December or has Rudolf killed Christmas?

Images courtesy of Ador.



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