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Kaleidoscope Street Art Festival, Torhout, Belgium 2019

June 18, 2019

The Crystal Ship recently set sail to Torhout, a small town in the North of Belgium for their mini-festival entitled Kaleidoscope. Artists invited to paint were UK artists Ben Slow and Helen Bur , and Belgian artist  Joachim, who collectively created over 20 smaller and bigger street art works inspired by the local community. Joachim, […]

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Street Artist Joachim finds himself in the Diamond quarter, Antwerp 2019

June 16, 2019

The city of Antwerp commissioned local street artist Joachim to paint two walls located in the Diamond district. The theme suggested to Joachim for the murals was of course Diamonds, however the more Joachim read up on Diamonds he felt he wanted to explore other directions. “I decided to paint two animals inspired by cave […]

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"The Watchdog (XL)" by Joachim to raise money for The Boy's Club Chichester

Joachim Auctions XL Artwork of “The Watchdog” for Chichester Boys’ Club, 2018

December 16, 2018

Recently “The Watchdog”, by Joachim, has been painted in the city of Chichester and has become part of a much bigger story. A story about the indomitable spirit of a local community against their city council’s decision to remove Joachim’s “The King of Cats” mural for “attracting” antisocial behaviour! With the call of the local […]

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Joachim - The Watchdog (Red Aluminium Edition)

Joachim’s – ‘THE WATCHDOG’ Collector’s Edition: Behind the scenes 2020

December 5, 2018

We are proud to announce Joachim’s first-ever collector’s edition “The Watchdog”, a 3 layer screen print on die-cut aluminium, which is being released via on Wednesday 5th December 2018. ” The Watchdog” was originally painted in Joachim’s graffiti pop style on a disused metal sign for his “Born to Paint” London solo exhibition earlier […]

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Street Artist Joachim sends in “The WatchDog” to Sniff Out Anti-Social Behaviour in Chichester, 2018

November 25, 2018

Belgian street artist has been summoned back to Chichester by the local community to bring back “The King of Cats”, which was removed last week due to the mural “attracting anti-social behaviour“. View this post on Instagram ‘A piece of street art in the city centre has been removed for being 'inappropriate' for the area […]

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Joachim, Street Art at Dizzy New Heights 2018

Street Artist Joachim’s Mural Reaches Crazy New Heights! 2018

November 3, 2018

Belgium artist Joachim has never been shy to step up a ladder and paint at seriously scary heights in the name of art! However his mural for “Under the Bridge” in Insbruck, Austria even gave us height freight! ‘Under the Bridge’, is the first ‘street-art project’ in Insbruck, Austria, and organised by his good friend […]

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Antwerp Prides itself as the Street Art City of Belgium, 2018

June 23, 2018

Lonely Planet listed Belgium’s second city Antwerp as a must visit for obvious reasons as its dazzling architectural and cultural contrast. Next to it’s fashion scene, food culture and diamond dealers Antwerp has a lot to offer for city-trippers. This year, in 2018, Antwerp also pays tribute to Peter Paul Rubens and the Baroque legacy […]

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Oli B, Kaleidoscope Street Art Festival, Dendermonde, Belgium 2018. Photo Credit Henrik Haven

Kaleidoscope Street Art Festival, Dendermonde, Belgium 2018

June 9, 2018

We last saw the The Crystal Ship in Ostend for their annual street art festival in April. They have been busy again in Belgium, this time sailing their street art crew to the city of Dendermonde. Dendermonde is a city in East Flanders. The small-sized city has about 45,000 inhabitants. It is strategically located between […]

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Dourone, The Crystal Ship, Urban Art Festival 2018. Photo Credit Henrik Haven

The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival Making Big waves in Ostend, Belgium 2018

April 13, 2018

The Crystal Ship, curated by Bjørn Van Poucke, brought fresh new murals and installations to the seaside streets of Ostend, Belgium. Local and international urban artists invited to The Crystal Ships third edition were; A Squid Called Sebastian (B), Ben Slow (UK), Colectivo Licuado (URU), Dourone (FR), Etam Cru (PL), Gaia (US), Icy & Sot (IR), Jaune (B), […]

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The crystal Ship, Ostend, Belgium 2018

The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival is back for it’s third edition, Ostend 2018

April 1, 2018

The Crystal Ship, curated by Bjørn Van Poucke, brings art to the quayside in Ostend for the third time and will bring more than fifteen international and national artists to Ostend this year in order to let loose their creativity on the city. The artists will begin painting during the first week of Easter holidays and their […]

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Joachim’s London Solo Show ‘Born to Paint’ Private view, March 2018

March 3, 2018

GraffitiStreet opened the doors to Belgian street artist Joachim’s debut London solo show ‘Born to Paint’ on 1st March 2018 for a Private viewing. The unusual snowy evening saw over 150 of you brave the sub zero temperatures, creating a warm atmosphere within the gallery. The first 25 queuing outside in the cold were awarded […]

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