Street Artist Joachim’s Mural Reaches Crazy New Heights! 2018

Belgium artist Joachim has never been shy to step up a ladder and paint at seriously scary heights in the name of art! However his mural for “Under the Bridge” in Insbruck, Austria even gave us height freight!

‘Under the Bridge’, is the first ‘street-art project’ in Insbruck, Austria, and organised by his good friend HNRX! The project saw artists, such as Bebar France), Koctel (Spain) and Guido Zimmerman (Germany), paint the pillars that support the bridge.

This was Joachim’s tallest art challenge and at that height even Joachim felt the wobble!

“From the ground looking up, this pillar was definitely going to test my nerves! but I was excited to get up and take on the challenge! I felt ok up until 15 metres, everything higher than that was scary!!” Joachim

The concrete bridge pillar were extremely tall at a crazy height of 27 metres, and 6 metres wide. As much as Joachim felt height freight, in contrast his character looks pretty chilled!

The pipe must refer to the depleted oxygen levels up there!

Another wall that saw Joachim up the ladder was at a graffiti jam in the station of Halle (near Brussels- Belgium) for for ‘Zodiac-Jam’.  Joachim was paired up with Adrien Roubens, an artist from Brussels, and painted Aquarius! Joachim’s star sign.

“We were working on a wall next to the railway lines and it was impossible to work with a lift, and a scaffold was also not ideal because of the 1500 high-voltage cables next to my head! It was too dangerous that the electricity may skip onto the scaffold.” Joachim

“My wall was twice as high as the rest and there was no other option than to paint everything with a ladder. At the top of the ladder I did not feel completely safe. if you fall from 8-9 meters you have a problem!” Joachim

“When I’m filthy, tired, and have nearly died a couple of times, that’s when I know it’s been a good day!” Joachim

Photo credit Joachim



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