Kaleidoscope Street Art Festival, Torhout, Belgium 2019

The Crystal Ship recently set sail to Torhout, a small town in the North of Belgium for their mini-festival entitled Kaleidoscope. Artists invited to paint were UK artists Ben Slow and Helen Bur , and Belgian artist  Joachim, who collectively created over 20 smaller and bigger street art works inspired by the local community.

Joachim, well known for his colourful murals in his ‘GraffitiPOP’ style, painted an incredible fun version of a troubadour, a medieval lyric poet next to the train station. Art brings people together, just the way a troubadour did in the 11th to 13th centuries. Using more colour than ever, Joachim’s work is the newest welcome sign to the city of Torhout.

Ben Slow painted a stunning monochrome mural depicting Father Leon and Nurse Su, two wonderfully interesting people residing in the care home for retired missionaries.

Helen Bur continued her ongoing series of Little People and painted around 20 small portraits of locals. Her installations may have been small but the buzz around them was huge due to everyone wanting their painting by Helen.

Curator Bjørn Van Poucke proudly introduces the locals to their new urban art installations …


Photo credit Ecwphoto / Helen Bur



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