Joachim Auctions XL Artwork of “The Watchdog” for Chichester Boys’ Club, 2018

Recently “The Watchdog”, by Joachim, has been painted in the city of Chichester and has become part of a much bigger story. A story about the indomitable spirit of a local community against their city council’s decision to remove Joachim’s “The King of Cats” mural for “attracting” antisocial behaviour!

With the call of the local people, and a fresh buffed wall, Joachim flew back to Chichester with the perfect antidote for his mischievous cat and painted “The watchdog” to keep the neighbourhood safe from the antisocial behaviour. Applying his sense of humour to a senseless act.

The Watchdog was dedicated to the people of Chichester and now keeps their neighbourhood safe, however Joachim wanted to do something extra for the community that showered him with support.

Whilst Joachim was in the city he spent time at the Chichester Boys’ Club. The registered charity provides a safe and welcoming environment for young people and adults, and offer various programs for young people that include arts, boxing, youth clubs, archery, break-dancing, yoga and flamenco dancing, as well as hosts various adult meeting groups for those of restricted ability.

Joachim has donated “The Watchdog XL (Artist Proof 1/1)”, a 3 colour screen-print on brushed die-cut aluminium, size 82cm x 68.4cm, with a hanging bracket, signed and numbered by Joachim on the reverse.

“The Watchdog XL (Artist Proof 1/1)” will be auctioned off for Chichester Boys’ Club via Graffitistreet’s online auction platform, with all proceeds going to The Chichester Boys’ Club (registered charity number 305351).

“‘The Watchdog’ is keeping the neighbourhood safe, but it’s the hard work and dedication from these guys at ‘Chichester Boys’ Club’ that really keep young people safe and off the streets. I am honoured to donate a special piece of art for auction and hope we can raise some much needed funds, and awareness for the club” Joachim

The charity auction starts at on Sunday 16th December, 2018 20:00 GMT until Sunday 23rd December 2018 20:00 GMT, you can place your bids here.

Happy Bidding!





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