ARTSCAPE LIGHTHOUSE unites Sweden’s Koster sea with street art this summer, 2022

Starting this week the small coastal community of Strömstad, Sweden, will be visited by eleven urban artists making the most out of the inspiration from the sea and its neighbouring town. The name of the project is ARTSCAPE LIGHTHOUSE and once again street art organization Artscape shines a light on both emerging talent and renowned names on the scene.

Among the names featured in the project line-up are the Americans Emily Ding and Thomas Turner, British Sophie Mess, Germany’s Denis Klatt and Brazilian Criola making her first visit to Europe. 

“We have a really exciting line-up for this project. Many of these artists have experience with interpreting nature and the environment in their own way. From Sophie Mess’ colourful flowers to Denis Klatt’s levitating animals, it’s a group of up-and-coming artists whose work we’re really proud to provide space for. We are really looking forward to seeing how they interpret the inspiration they get from the Koster Sea and its coast.” Daniel Wakeham, one of Artscape’s founders.

By invitation from local public housing company Strömstadbyggen, Artscape found themselves planning Sweden’s biggest street art event of 2022 in a small town steeped in the history surrounding the sea and with a big commitment to its preservation. 

“Strömstadbyggen and The Koster Sea National Park does a great job in their work with sustainability and Strömstad being the coastal town that it is, it felt natural to make the ocean the inspiration for this project.” Tor Hedendahl, Artscape’s other founder. 

“The artists have all had a chance to get a glimpse of nature, the fauna and the surrounding views as part of their preparation. But we’ve made sure they also get a day off to go and visit the National park as well as sample a bit of local culture!” Daniel Wakeham

On May 26 Colombian and Argentine Dúo Amazonas arrived and started their mural and the other artists were soon to follow and are now working on their respective walls. Among them local talent YASH, a.k.a Linus Lundin, making his return to the scene after a short hiatus.

“We’re extremely pleased to once again get YASH onboard one of our projects, he is definitely among the best in Swedens at what he does and was a perfect fit for this event.” Tor Hedendahl

Apart from the artist mentioned the walls of Strömstad will be adorned by works from Bristol-based Farrah Fortnam, Swedish Vegan Flava, Strömstad’s own Llefen Carrera, and graffiti artist and workshop facilitator Ludvig in collaboration the students of Strömstierna High School. The festival will end in grand style on June 8, World Ocean Day. with an event featuring an artist talk between Thomas Turner, Emily Bing and Sophie Mess moderated by James Finucane, founder of Street Art Oslo and creative director of Løkka-Lykke Gatekunstfest. 

List of all participating artists: Criola (Brazil), Sophie Mess (United Kingdom), Thomas Turner (USA), Duo Amazonas (Colombia and Argentina), Yash (Sweden), Farrah Fortnam (United Kingdom), Emily Ding (USA),Vegan Flava (Sweden), Denis Klatt (Germany), Llefen Carrera (Sweden) and Ludvig (Sweden)



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