Banksy’s New Tree Mural in North London’s Hornsey Road: A Commentary on Climate Change

Banksy, the anonymous street artist known for his political and social commentary, has recently unveiled a new mural in Hornsey Road, North London.

The mural depicts a stencil of a figure holding onto a pressure hose, who has sprayed a white residential wall with green paint. In front of the wall stands an old cherry tree, which appears to have been cut back and left bare. However, the figure has added back the greenery and restored the tree to its former glory. As a result, the tree is now full of foliage and life.

Banksy “Tree” Mural, Hornsey Road. Image Copyright GraffitiStreet

The mural resembles the environmental activism of the group Just Stop Oil. They use fire extinguishers and pressure hoses to spray orange paint, urging the UK government to stop licensing new oil, gas, and coal projects. Banksy’s artwork cleverly represents the urgent issue of climate change, which we must all address. The bare and cut-back tree symbolises the environmental damage caused by deforestation, pollution, and other detrimental practices.

Banksy “Tree” Mural, Hornsey Road. Image Copyright GraffitiStreet

There’s no denying that a tree looks better with green foliage. The lush green leaves not only add beauty to the environment but also play an essential role in the ecosystem.

Banklsy "Eco Tree" mural, Hornsey Road. Photo Copyright Graffitistreet

Banksy “Tree” Mural, Hornsey Road. Image Copyright GraffitiStreet

Trees help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is a major contributor to global warming and climate change.

Banksy “Tree” Mural, Hornsey Road. Image Copyright GraffitiStreet

Using green paint to fill in the tree’s foliage, Banksy reminds us of our responsibility to protect the environment and its natural resources. The green paint may also be a comment on ‘greenwashing’, a marketing tactic companies use to make their products or services appear more environmentally friendly than they actually are. Interestingly, the shade of green Banksy used is identical to the colour of the council in Islington, where the mural is located.

Banksy “Tree” Mural, Hornsey Road. Image Copyright GraffitiStreet

Banksy’s new tree mural in Hornsey Road comments on climate change and the importance of protecting our planet. The actions in the mural show that it is possible to restore what has been lost.

Image Copyright Graffitistreet



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