Banksy’s ‘Scar of Bethlehem’ Nativity Scene appears at The Walled Off Hotel, 2019

The Walled Off Hotel opened its doors this morning with some slightly different decor. Overnight Banksy has installed a brand new Christmas themed artwork titled ‘Scar of Bethlehem’ in the hotel, between the fireplace and reception.

The artwork represents in Christianity tradition, the nativity scene, representing the birth of Jesus, with his mother Mary and her husband, Joseph. However, they are not in a barn but in front of the separation barrier, the 400-mile wall built by Israel along the West Bank, Bethlehem.

The Star of Bethlehem, or ChristmaStar, cleverly appears through the separation wall, and the word LOVE, with a peace symbol, is graffitied on the wall.

There are also three gifts of different sizes placed in front of the Nativity scene, representing the gifts left from the three wise men.

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