Bordalo II Big Trash Animals Series : Treating pets as rubbish

With his latest additions to the Big Trash Animal series, Portuguese street artist Bordalo II, is capturing the world’s attention once again, this time to the growing problem of Pet abandonment.

There are many reasons why irresponsible owners abandon their pets: Money issues, laziness, A relationship break up, lost interest, Breeders who do not sell their litter, Medical costs and Vacations. A concerning number of pet abandonment happens during the summer months, with no proper planning of where to keep their pets and what to do with them during the summer holidays, many owners simply resort to simply abandoning their pets.

“I can´t understand how someone can go on holiday at peace with himself when he has abandoned a son”. Bordalo II

The summer holidays are often seen as the worst season by several animal shelter organisations when it comes to pets being abandoned by their owners. In many cases it’s the animal welfare organisations that are left with the task of having to take the pets in for care, and putting them up for adoption.

“People are deliberately dumping their animals abandoned places – like bins, skips or on waste ground – and leaving them to die. In fact, some literally treat them like rubbish”. RSPCA deputy chief inspector Ben Strangwood

To help raise awareness of the tragic pet abandonment situation and its heart breaking consequences, Bordalo II has been working on his ‘Big Trash Animal Series’ creating ‘Trash Puppy’ and ‘Trash kitten’ in an abandoned area in Lisbon.

Check out his Big Trash Puppy below…

and his more recent Big Trash Kitten, both made from waste found in an abandoned place in Lisbon.

Hopefully this gigantic message will encourage owners to think twice about heartlessly abandoning pets, while also highlighting the adoption option of shelter dogs, cats and other abandoned pets from animal welfare charities.

For amazing assembles by Bordalo II made entirely by trash and each carrying a thought provoking message visit the GraffitiStreet Store.



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