Canvas Outdoor Museum Show, West Palm Beach 2016

Downtown West Palm Beach and Northwood Village has once again been the epi centre of creativity. During November it was home to the second annual Canvas Outdoor Museum Show, created West Palm Beach gallerist Nicole Henry. The outdoor event brought together contemporary artists from around the world, and transformed five acres of the city’s streets and parks into an interactive art experience through huge murals and public installations.

“We have 27 artists this year, and I tried to choose artists who are really innovative and have interactive components to their work since I really want people to participate in the artwork. Unlike an indoor museum where you stand five feet back and look at a piece of art, Canvas lets you take pictures with the art and become part of it. You’re also going to see some up-and-coming artists that no one’s heard of before along with famous rockstar artists, so we have a big variety. We have sculptors, muralists, contemporary artists…something for everyone.” Nicole Henry, Canvas Founder

The Canvas Outdoor Museum Show 2016 Artist Lineup features over 30 artists from around the world, including Amanda Valdes, Astro, Case Maclaim, Greg Mike, Griffin Loop, Hec One Love, Hoxxoh, Hula, Hybycozo, Laura Kimpton, Lonac, Lori Pratico, PichiAvo, Pipsqueak was here, Sipros, Wrdsmth and Zeus. Check out all the action below from some of the artists…


Photo credit Instagrafite



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