Easey Livin’, Collingwood Australia 2015

Juddy Roller are at it again, this time for ‘Easey livin’ in Collingwood Fitzroy. They invited uber talented street artists Rone, Adnate, Mayo, Guido Van Helton and Askew, and transformed the Collingwood Power substation, at the corner of Easey Street and Wellington Street ,into one of the most iconic pieces of public art in the area.

Collingwood Power substation peripheral walls were continually covered in tags and was buffed orange regularly by the local council. The Neighbourhood Justice Centre and City of Yarra work with the local community to make the area of Collingwood a better place to live. They all collaborated with Juddy Roller to find a lasting solution to the tagged walls and in turn strengthen the city of Yarra.

“The net effect of this street art has a serious purpose. When our streets become amazing galleries, people are comfortable using the streets, and life is drawn to the area. Safe streets are safe communities” NJC

The monochromatic artwork was carefully curated, balancing community aesthetics and implementing subtle graffiti deterring features.

“The graffiti-resistant coating will keep the mural looking fresh, which means more fabulous street art, less thoughtless vandalism” NJC

New Zealand street artist Askew painted the background of the piece and portraits of the locals.

One of Australia’s most respected tattoo artists and graffiti writer Mayo painted the script throughout the mural. Mayo utilised his tattooing influence and his love of Japan and its culture.

Australian street artist Adnate painted his girlfriend.

Australian street artist Rone, who now lives in Melbourne, used a model from his recent works.

Street artist Guido Van Helten painted a female friend from the island. 

Watch the video below by Ed Whitfield and check out all the action and the photo realistic portraits for yourself….

“The power station is an stand-out example of how street art and graffiti aesthetics can be combined to create a lasting, positive impression on the local community of Collingwood, whilst having a strong anti graffiti impact” Juddy Roller

The Collingwood Power substation has certainly been transformed  into a serious piece of art… well done to all involved!



Photos courtesy of Juddy Roller





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