GraffitiStreet ‘Underground’ Group Show in pictures

GraffitiStreet held our second urban group show title ‘Underground‘ in the street art mecca of Shoreditch, London on the 2nd July 2015 for one night only! With over four hundred strong attendance, the exhibition had a great vibe and we were stoked you all enjoyed the group show. For all of you that missed hanging out with the street artists, dope artwork by Bisser, Pahnl, My Dog Sighs, PichiAvo, 3Fountains, JPS, Hunto, Joachim, Art is Tra$h, an epic four metre ‘Big Trash Animal’ installation by the talented Bordalo II, live spray painting by Bisser, Pichiavo, Hunto, My Dog Sighs, Joachim and JPS for ‘Streets of London’ charity auction, tasty draught beer by Inkspot Brewery, chilled wine, beats and free spray-cans pimped by our artists for the first one hundred (and twenty!) of you through the door!!… Then here’s what happened! Video coverage of the exhibition will be coming shortly!

Check out the lovely guys from London Live interviews of Joachim, PichiAvo and the Graffitistreet Team!


Here’s all the art and shenanigans from the Underground show… its worth a watch thats for sure!

The Underground group Show was curated by Rosh Niazi Boroumand, Donna Haden and Frank Picazo.

For all available artworks from the group show view the PDF here.

Special Thanks to all our artists for contributing great art, James Taylor, Alex Stanhope, John, Mikey Dread, Jozef, Inkspot Brewery, Donna and Gary Read, Sameer Gangoli, Christer, Jose Alburquerqu, Bedroom Bar, Big Chill Bar, Clare, Press and all of you that attended and contributed into making this event a success!



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