Grenoble Street Art Festival, France 2018

The Grenoble Street Art Movie Fest, curated by Spacejunk Art Centre, just wrapped up its fourth public art festival. The event showed every aspect of public art such as, live painting,­ book signing events, workshops, conferences, guided visits (in French, English, Spanish and French sign language), exhibitions and ran from 1st June to 1st July 2018.

The festivities did not just take place in Grenoble but also in neighbouring municipalities: Fontaine, Saint-Martin-D’Hères and Pont-de-Claix.

Some of the artists participating in this years festival were already known to the grenobloise audience, such as: Snek, Veks Van Hillik, Etien’ and AnimalitoLand. For others, it was their first time creating in
the streets of Grenoble, such as Pantonio, Sampsa, Mademoiselle Maurice, Sainer, Sebas Velasco and

Check out the murals below…

Photo credit spacejunk



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