Celebrating Earth Day Through Street Art Murals

Earth Day, an annual celebration dedicated to recognising the importance of the planet’s environment and raising awareness about pollution, was established with a specific objective in mind. The inspiration for Earth Day can be traced back to a 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, which had a profound impact on Nelson of Wisconsin. The catastrophic effects of this environmental disaster prompted him to organize a national “teach-in” to educate the public about the pressing environmental issues of the time, thus laying the foundation of the Earth Day movement.

The use of art as a means of educating and raising awareness among the public has long been recognised. In particular, street artists have emerged as powerful voices in drawing attention to the catastrophic effects of climate change, the need for animal welfare, and the human race’s failure to acknowledge the importance of Mother Nature. What better way to celebrate our planet and its fragility on Earth Day than through Street Art, which not only celebrates the beauty of nature but also highlights the pressing environmental issues we face today.

In this editorial, we present a curated selection of 20 murals that prioritise the well-being of the Earth. Through their artwork, these artists convey a powerful message about the urgent need to protect the environment and promote sustainability. Each mural is a unique and thought-provoking representation of the consequences of human actions on the planet and the importance of taking action towards a more sustainable future. From depictions of marine life made out of trash to powerful messages about the impact of climate change, these murals celebrate Earth’s beauty and a call to action to preserve it for future generations.

Pejac’s Earth Down the Drain 

Pejac, a Spanish artist, has garnered critical acclaim for his simple yet clever street interventions, highlighting the environmental degradation that plagues our planet. His work often involves painting images that symbolise the world going down the drain, both figuratively and literally, in this art piece to draw attention to the pressing issue of climate change and its devastating effects on our planet’s ecosystem.

Banksy’s “I don’t believe in global warming”

Banksy, an elusive street artist, is known for his witty and thought-provoking creations. One of his most famous pieces of graffiti features the phrase “I don’t believe in global warming“, with the words “global warming” submerged in water, symbolising the rising sea levels caused by climate change. This clever artwork serves as a reminder of the devastating effects of global warming and the urgent need to address this pressing issue before it’s too late.

Bordalo II’s Trash Presents

Bordalo II, a highly acclaimed Portuguese street artist, has made a name for himself by creating stunning works of art that draw attention to the issue of waste and pollution. During the holiday season, he has been known to wrap up trash bins and tie them with big red bows, symbolising our gift to Mother Nature. This creative and thought-provoking artwork serves as a reminder of the importance of reducing waste and taking care of our planet, not just during the holidays but throughout the year.

Pøbel and Atle Østrem’s Ice Ice Baby

Pøbel and Atle Østrem, two Norwegian artists, have created a striking piece of street art that highlights the devastating effects of climate change on our planet’s ecosystems. The artwork features a polar bear with a shopping trolley walking towards a store to buy ice. The imagery symbolises the melting polar ice caps caused by global warming, which has forced polar bears to change their behaviour and adapt to new ways of life. 

Blu’s Bank of Mother Nature

Blu, an Italian street artist, has created a remarkable mural that depicts the insatiable greed of oil companies and their detrimental impact on the environment. The mural features a man with a gold crown on his head, with “oil companies” emblazoned on it, holding the planet with a straw in his mouth, symbolising the planet being sucked dry for the sake of corporate greed. The imagery is a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of exploiting the planet’s natural resources and the urgent need to prioritise sustainability and environmental protection. The mural is a powerful commentary on the “bank of Mother Nature” and the catastrophic consequences of neglecting our planet’s ecological health.

Bordalo II’s Big Trash Owl

Bordalo II has also gained widespread recognition for his innovative and thought-provoking artwork that draws attention to the critical issue of waste management and its impact on the environment and wildlife. One of his most striking creations is the “Big Trash Animal Series”, which features giant animal sculptures made from plastic trash and waste. The series aims to highlight the devastating effects of pollution on animals and the environment. In one of his artworks, Bordalo II has built an owl out of plastic trash, which serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address the issue of waste management and its impact on wildlife. Let’s be wise, like Bordalo’s Trash Owl, and take steps to reduce waste and protect our planet’s precious ecosystems.

Blu’s Evolution Spiral

Blu has created a powerful artwork highlighting the dire consequences of failing to address environmental issues. The artwork, titled “Evolution”, depicts a spiralling sequence symbolic of the destructive impact of human activities on the environment and the potential for catastrophic consequences if we fail to take action. The artwork is a stark reminder of the urgent need to prioritise sustainability and environmental protection to ensure a better future for ourselves and future generations.

Isaac Cordal’s Waiting for Climate Change

Isaac Cordal, an accomplished Spanish artist, has brought attention to the issue of climate change through his unique series of miniature sculptures titled “Waiting for Climate Change”. The sculptures depict tiny human figures standing waist-deep in water, symbolising the consequences of inaction and the need for immediate action. Cordal’s artwork highlights the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for individuals and governments to take proactive measures to mitigate its effects. By drawing attention to this issue in such a striking and thought-provoking manner, Cordal’s artwork serves as a powerful reminder that the time for action is now.

Ludo’s Nature’s Revenge

Ludo, a prominent French street artist, has created a striking series of artworks titled “Nature’s Revenge”, which features a variety of insects adorned with intricate and imposing armoured exoskeletons. The series serves as a warning that nature, when pushed to its limits, has the potential to retaliate against human activity. Through his artwork, Ludo highlights the fragility of our relationship with the natural world and the urgent need for humans to reconsider our environmental impact. The insects in Ludo’s work serve as a powerful symbol of nature’s resilience and the consequences that could result if we continue to disregard the importance of preserving our planet’s delicate ecosystems.

L7m’s Bird Breaking Free

L7m, a highly acclaimed Brazilian street artist, created a stunning artwork of a bird confined inside. The artwork features a smashed glass, symbolising the desire of animals to live freely and reminding us of their rightful place on this earth. L7m’s artwork serves as a poignant commentary on the issue of animal captivity and the importance of respecting the natural habitats of animals. Through his work, L7m encourages us to reconsider our relationship with the natural world and to acknowledge the intrinsic value of all living beings. 

Vegan Flava’s A Million Years Lost in a Moment

Vegan Flava’s ‘A Million Years Lost in a Moment’ is a profound work of art that portrays a skull emerging from a decayed tree stump and roots, symbolizing the devastating impact of human actions on our planet’s growth. The artwork serves as a stark reminder of the irreparable damage that we have caused to the environment, leading to the loss of millions of years’ worth of natural evolution. Through his art, Vegan Flava urges us to confront our role in the destruction of the planet and to take immediate action towards preserving the natural world for future generations. 

Blu’s Egg Timer

Blu’s egg timer mural is a striking representation of the urgent need to address climate change. The artwork features an egg timer nearly out of icebergs and melting into rising water levels, symbolising the dwindling time we must take action before irreversible damage is done to the planet. Through his art, Blu urges us to recognise the gravity of the climate crisis and take swift action to mitigate its impact. 

NeverCrew’s Machine Series 

The ‘Machine’ series by NeverCrew is a thought-provoking collection of artworks highlighting the growing concern for the environment and life balance. The latest piece in the series depicts a polar bear covered in oil, emphasizing the impact of human activities on the fragile Arctic ecosystem. Through their work, NeverCrew urges us to confront the harsh reality of the destruction we have caused to the natural world and the urgent need to take action to protect it.

Natalia Rak’s Watering Can

Natalia Rak’s mural of a giant girl pouring water from her watering can on a real tree, many stories high, is a stunning work of art that reminds us of the importance of nurturing the planet we call home. The artwork features a vibrant and larger-than-life image of a girl tending to a tree, symbolizing the need to care for the environment and promote sustainability. 

Bordalo II’s Big Trash Fish

Bordalo II’s artwork is a striking representation of the devastating impact of waste and plastics on our oceans and marine life. The artwork features a fish crafted out of trash and discarded materials, highlighting the carelessness with which we dispose of our waste. Bordalo II’s work is a call to action, inspiring us to work towards a cleaner ocean and a more sustainable future.

Vegan Flava’s Ocean Skull

Vegan Flava’s ocean artwork is a bold and provocative representation of the dire state of our planet due to climate change. The artwork features a skull painted on weak ice, symbolising the fragility and vulnerability of our planet in the face of global warming. 

Bianco Shock’s ‘In Memory of Our Trees’ 

BiancoShock’s ‘In Memory of Our Trees’ features a tree stump adorned with a memorial card and flowers, symbolising the loss of trees and forests due to human activities. Through his art, BiancoShock urges us to recognise the value and importance of trees and the crucial role they play in maintaining a healthy planet. The artwork serves as a powerful reminder that we must take action to protect our environment and preserve the natural world for future generations. BiancoShock’s work is a call to action, inspiring us to take responsibility for our actions and make changes that will help protect the planet.

Blu’s Cake

Blu’s cake mural is a powerful and thought-provoking artwork that challenges us to look beyond the surface and confront the harsh realities of environmental pollution. The artwork features a cake with green grass icing, but as you cut into it, the ugly truth is revealed – the cake is poisoned with pollutants. Through his art, Blu encourages us to recognise the need to look deeper than the shiny facade that often masks the devastating impact of human activities on the planet. It is a reminder that while the truth may be difficult to digest, we cannot ignore the pressing need to make changes now to protect the environment and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. 

Image Copyright Blu

Dados Punto Cero‘s Plastic Octopus

Dados Punto Cero paints murals, creating much-needed awareness and conversation on the excessive use of landfills and waste production. The murals encourage us to recycle, reduce waste, stop using one-use plastics, and rethink packaging.

Image Copyright Dados Punto Cero

Nature the Artist (Forest Dump)’s Urban Trees

Portuguese street artist Nature the Artist (Forest Dump) ‘City Life’ project celebrates the natural world in an urban setting. The artwork features a wooden telephone and electric poles transformed back into trees, bringing a touch of nature to the concrete jungle of the city. Through his art, the viewer is encouraged to reconsider our relationship with the environment and the role that nature plays in our lives. City Life is a beautiful representation of the potential for art to transform the urban landscape and make our cities more natural and livable.

Forest Dump, Trashplant Festival, Tenerife, Canary Islands . Photo Credit @Luzsosafoto

Earth Day Everyday

The murals that celebrate the earth and highlight the impact of human actions on the planet serve as a powerful reminder of our responsibility towards the environment. Street art can tell the story of destruction and inspire us to take action towards a sustainable future. The artists behind these murals use their creativity and talent to convey a critical message that cannot be ignored. As we move forward, let us continue to support and promote street art that raises awareness about the importance of preserving the planet and inspires us to make changes that will help protect the environment. Together, we can work towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for ourselves and all living beings on Earth.



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