Hua Tunan – ‘Night Luminescent Pearl’ Handfinished print 2016

We end the year 2016 on a high, this time we’re proud to announce our first ever collaboration with Chinese street artist Hua Tunan titled ‘Night Luminescent Pearl’, which is being released on Sunday 27th December 2016 at 15:00 UK time.

This print has been a labour of love and involved many many long days and weeks in the print studio. From carefully hand picking the paper stock that was best suited with the image, to introducing screen printing as part of Hua’s prints, while maintaining that natural feel, producing a piece which has been autographically made by the artist and staying as far away as possible from software editing tools.

Hua Tunan ‘Night Luminescent Pearl’ Handfinished print

Medium: Archival print on 330gsm Somerset Velvet Watercolour paper with one layer hand-pulled screenprinted highlights and gold & white hand painted details.

Edition: 35
Size: 63.5 x 88cm
Description: Signed, numbered by the Artist. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Price: £495 plus postage

It’s near enough impossible for us to capture the artist’s thought process, care and attention to detail that went into making this, so we’ve made a one minute video which gives you a better idea/feel of how much work went into this print. Remember to watch it in HD if you can, as it makes all the difference.

A quick shout out to our friends at AtelierJI for all their help with the project!



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