INTI Paints Four New Street Art Murals Across Latin America, 2019

After some time painting walls outside South America, and in search of a return to his roots in America, Chilean artist INTI has created a series of four murals in four countries throughout Latin America.

INTI described his trip as looking to portray and learn from the small-profound details of cultural diversity. INTI’s murals confronts issues such as; the environmental impact caused by the exploitation of natural resources, and how the original culture of the continent still survives and merges with the imported culture from Europe.

His mural “Coatlicue y el Jaguar/“Coatlicue and the Jaguar”, Mexico 2018.” can be found in Queretaro, central Mexico, and was painted in 2018,

Coatlicue, Mexica goddess of fertility and symbol of the earth as both creator and destroyer, mother of the gods and mortals, is replaced by Maria during the European conquest of America.

Although his process of syncretism enriched the current Latin American imaginary, it forced to camouflage deitiesn prohibited under Catholic iconography, as the last sources to perpetuate their history and culture.

Inti’s next mural “Hijo del Sol/ Son of the Son” was painted in rich purple and gold for Killart Festival in Barranquilla, Colombia 2018.

“The cosmovision imported into America in the form of religion, today is deconstructed, exposing the base on which it was built.” Inti

The third mural titled “Recursos Naturales 1/ Natural Resources 1” can be found in his home city of Valparaiso for Valparaiso en Colores,  in Chile 2018.

“The rulers of a country of the South who promises entry to the First World, a magical passport that will make us all rich and happy, should be prosecuted for fraud. Because this system of life that is offered as paradise, founded on the exploitation of our neighbour and in the annihilation of nature, is the one that is making us sick.” Eduardo Galeano.

The fourth and most recent mural by INTI titled “Recursos Naturales 2/Natural Resources 2″ can be found in Fortaleza for Concreto Festival in BRASIL 2019.

INTI ‘s name is from the Incan sun god and the Quechua word for ‘the Sun’ as homage to his Chilean roots.

Photo Credit INTI



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