Los Alcazares hosts the first Mar Menor Street Art Festival 2016

Los Alcázares hosts the first Mar Menor Street Art Festival 2016 over the last weekend in April ‘Festival de Arte Urbano Museo del Mar Menor’. Los Alcázares is located on the shores of the Mar Menor, surrounded by the municipalities of San Javier, Torre Pacheco and Cartagena.

Forty one local and international urban artists were invited to the warm shores of Los Alcázares for the three-day event.

Skilled duo Pichi and Avo paint in their signature greek god style, this time displaying the “Prometheus punishment“, Prometheus being attacked by the eagle for stealing fire.

Den XL, is an old school graffiti artist from spain. She paints a young refugee girl who has fled from Syria.

Wesr, from Berlin paints in Black, white and subtle gold touches.

Dan Ferrer paints ‘Humpty Dumpty’, no matter how many times you break after falling, you must always get up. Only eggs who dare to climb the wall are the ones closer to the sky.

El Pincho and Daniel Montero Galvan, two illustrators from Madrid, collab together and paint God making sushi.

Sabotaje Al Montaje paints his friend from Senegal, who is an inspiration to him.

Gômez from Rome, Italy paints a lady looking on into the future.

Xav Graffiti and Tattoo artist paints a beautiful turtle, and his biggest wall to date.

Toni Espinar paints “Love is Water” and is based on a legend about an airplane accident at the beginging of this century.

“The Kiss” is painted by Madrid based artist Cassasola.

Mercedes Duran, a 72-year-old artist paints her first mural intervention about a poem she wrote about a sailor and a mermaid.

Begoña Belmonte also paints her first mural intervention.

Mohamed Lghacham from Barcelona paints ‘Preparing the Luggage’.

Local artist, Jorge Pina, paints a cloud over the head of the kid, it shows how you have to solve problems with positivity, then the rainbow appears.

Kobtropical, from the Canary Islands does a continuation of his artistic style that has been developing throughout the years

The map below shows the locations of all the murals you can find by all of these artists.

Check out more art in the video below…


Photos courtesy of La Compañía De Mario and AISAC studio photography.



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