Manhattan’s Inspiring Street Art Walk Celebrates Social Justice, New York 2019

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) partnered up with Street Art for Mankind (SAM) to commemorate 100 years with inspirational murals about social justice around the United Nations Headquarters.

The #ILO100Murals, created by world renowned international street artists, set the course for a contemporary Art Walk, in the streets of Midtown Manhattan. They captured key themes of the ILO’s efforts to ensure “decent work” for all, and inspire each one of us to create a better “future of work”.

Five murals were painted in the first week of April following the themes: green jobs, youth
employment, gender equality at work, child labour and forced labour and the future of work. Artists invited were Clandestinos (Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky), Faith 47Jorge GeradaMr Cenz and Victor Ash.



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