MISLATAS REPRESENT | Graffiti and Street Art Festival, Valencia, Spain 2016

Graffiti and street art is set to colour the walls of Mislata in Valencia spain. On Saturday 28th May 2016, for one day only, some of spains most talented street artists will come together and celebrate in street art style for the “Mislatas Representan”  Festival, organised by some members of XLF CREW!  Hope, Deih And Xelön.

Nearly 100 artists will paint murals on  more than 1000 square meters throughout the day,  from purist graffiti to new forms of urban art that have emerged in recent years . There will be artists of the ’90s and new kids on the block. Some of the artists participating in the event are: PichiAvo, Escif, XLFcrew, Duke, Ele-Man, Sabek, Napol and BTOY… just to name a few!

Live music from renowned DJs like: Ros-vil, Seb-Zero, Edy and Chicho Solaz and CasiusTonen and the festival closes with a concert by Erick Hervé and Omar el Hachemi with Kovitch who take the opportunity to present their new work, plus a small intervention by Charly Efe.

This year there will be a photo contest for the best image that captures the essence of the festival with works by artists from the XLF (Juliet Only, Cesp, Mr. Marmot, Escif, Barbi, Xelon, Deih and Hope), a total of nine awards.

There will be paella for 300 people to enjoy, cooked by the Clavarios the Christ of faith, all sold at reasonable prices.

So lets wrap this festival up … graffiti, Sun, beers, paellas, sandwiches, naps on the grass, impossible mixes and creativity everywhere!… sounds good to me!

Check out the posters below for artists names and locations…




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