Nevercrew Mural Inspired by Climate Change and the Fragile Relationship Between Nature and Man, Germany 2022

NEVERCREW is a swiss based artists duo composed of Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni since 1996. Their work focuses on the relationship between mankind and nature and the relationship between mankind and the system, in particular on the effects of human attitudes on the environment, on social injustices and the relationship between the concept and the forms of “systems” and an essential, natural, human and animal truth. 

Nevercrew creates the Mural “Panorama” painting in Hamburg, Germany, for Walls Can Dance. The nearly 30m high mural is inspired by climate change and the theme of the fragile relationship between nature and man.

“A unique global balance composed of many systems with their balances, in turn consisting in further systems in relation to each other. Each element plays its part, conditioning, consciously or not, the whole. There is awareness of this mechanism: of necessities, possibilities and risks, but despite this, economic policies insist on deforming its perception, on obfuscating it, on distancing humankind from the nature to which it belongs and from its own humanity. Human societies persist in disproportion, in imposing themselves, in looking and making look elsewhere towards a landscape that is the first, together with everything else, to be gradually exhausted and endangered by this same attitude.” Nevercrew

Check out the images below…

Photo credit Nevercrew



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