Nuno Viegas and Fanakapan Just Crushed it with their latest Street Art Mural, Miami 2017

Basel House Mural Festival invited local and international artists to transform the legendary walls of the iconic RC Cola Plant in Miami’s Wynwood Art District during Miami Art Week 2017  into an open- air art museum. The area is an often-overlooked section of the neighbourhood… until now!

Some of the artists invited are Fanakapan (UK), Nuno Viegas (Portugal), RISK (L.A.), SEEN (NYC), Sonny (South Africa), Dourone (France), 123klan (Canada) and Zed1 (Italy) among many others who already started painting last Friday!

The wall represented by Urban Nation Berlin for Basel House Mural Festival, is a collab between Nuno Viegas and Fanakapan. Others who contributed to the success of the mural include Stephanie Kassoy, Yasha Young, Iryna Kanishcheva and Yuval Ofir.

“I think the piece was a meeting of minds and both our styles combined blended into one piece where you can’t tell where they separate …” Fanakapan

“I agree with Jay when he says the styles just blended perfectly into one piece. This is something I find the hardest when doing colabs – to blend into one piece that shows the strenghts of both artists in a balanced way.” Nuno Viegas

“Something I found great is that we managed to keep the main conceptual characteristics of both our works. The chrome effect by Jay, the graffiti connection I usually do on my paintings, the levitating objects I do, and the drop shadows we both use in our work.” Nuno Viegas

“For this colab we both painted elements we had painted before bringing them into a new balanced composition with having to give away from our styles, it just blended very well and smoothly!” Nuno Viegas

Photo Credit Iryna Kanishcheva



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