Parees Festival wrap up their third edition, Spain 2019

Parees Festival has just wrapped up it’s third edition bringing five new murals from national and international artists to Oviedo, Spain.

Artists invited by Parees this year included: Mina Hamada, Hedof & Joren Joshua, Udatxo, Catalina Rodríguez Villazón y Matth Velvet.

The five new street art murals bring a mixture of different styles and themes, putting together top international artists who work globally. At the same time, inspiration based on local aspects of Asturias has grown as well as Parees’ goals, increasing the themes based on the culture of the region.

Mina Hamada’s mural is of the illustrations of animals and plants drawn by 4 and 5 years old school children from two public schools in the neighbourhood: Poeta Ángel González and Carmen Ruiz Tielve. Mina created a colourful and imaginative world of fantasy full of funny characters named by Mina herself with names such as ‘dancing horse, worm cat or giraffO’ amongst others! The mural’s location is Poet Ángel Gonzalez Public School. C/ Molín de Toro, 1. La Corredoria, Oviedo.

Hedof & Joren Joshua are two artists from the Netherlands. They collaborated together at Parees festival for the first time, painting a wall which represents a tribute to some traditional sports in Asturias, in this case, cutting logs. Through a contextualised participatory process, Rick and Joren received several photos and information from local associations in order to create their artwork. The mural’s location is Tenderina Alta, 55. Oviedo.

Udatxo’s mural reminds to us of the history of the neighbourhood through a mural full of light and sensitivity which was created taking antique photos as reference. The main figure in the painting is a self portrait of Udatxo, contemplates an everyday postcard of the area while some inhabitants of the place look at her from their homes. The mural location is C/ Los rosales, 7, Oviedo

Catalina Rodriguez Villazon, from Asturias specialises with the watercolour technique. Catalina pays tribute to the gigantic legacy of local scientist Margarita Salas with her real first outdoors intervention on a wall. The mural location is Celestino Álvarez street, El Cristo, Oviedo.

French artist Matth Velvet created ‘Les Indes Noires’ (The Child of the Cavern) in Olloniego. The name of the mural comes from the original title of the Jules Verne’s novel that was published in 1877. Velvet’s work is a homage to the mining background of the village and to its humble and hard working people. Velvet used old photographs and enjoyed conversations with some of the neighbours for a better knowledge of the history of the village. Olloniego’s mine was closed in 1993. The murals location is Oviedo AS-242 road (Olloniego).

6 artists 3 assistants 700 square metres of walls 90 liters of primer coats 330 kgs of paint 57 rollers 74 brushes were all used to bring this years Paress Festival. Besides the artistic interventions, Parees also organised parallel activities, such as the Workshop of Experimental Muralism for Families, directed by Lainopia at the Skatepark of Oviedo, and creating a wall based on Mina Hamada’s work. There was also the Yepayé ‘s playroom for children between 0 and 4 years, full of natural pigments and materials, and The Cycling Route around the walls, headed by La Biciclante association and amused by the performances of the Ye Too Ponese collective.

Parees Fest has brought 23 murals to Oviedo’s urban landscape since its beginning three years ago, and continues to grow from strength to strength.

Photo Credits: miraciaatras and feralcala .



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