PULPA Festival Volume 1, Montesilvano Italy 2021

Montesilvano, a small seaside suburb outside Pescara in Abruzzi, is home to a brand new and exciting street art festival called PULPA. Pulpa Festival is founded by Enrico Peca, Art Director of Spazio 010 – Studio Creativo, and their mission is to offer a new way of experiencing their city, to create tourism, and to bring world-class cultural production in the core of the cities involved and to rehabilitate neglected places.

The festival took place from 8th till 9th of May 2021, during the opening of brand-new Via Saragat in Montesilvano, and the theme of the “volume 1” of the festival was the environment as a landscape and a place to admire, experience and take care of. 

The first volume saw the participation of eighteen artists: Alessandra Carloni, Andrew Tosh, Carlo Alberto Giardina, Isiderio, Luca Font, Mr Fijodor, Mr Thoms, Raul33, Samuele Romano, Solo&Diamond, Spatt, The Spider, Urbankofa, Urka, Zot19, Nic Alessandrini, 104Crew and Giopeluso (winner of the “Art and Urban Regeneration” contest).

The street artists worked on a 320-metre wall, between 7 and 3 metres high, on a seamless work of art. Check out the finished murals below …

Photo Credit Andrea Lucente



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