Renowned Street Artist Shepard Fairey Pays Tribute to the Beastie Boys with Stunning Eight-Story Mural in NYC

As part of the NYC Hip Hop 50 celebration, renowned street artist Shepard Fairey and his team have completed an impressive Beastie Boys mural that stands eight stories high.

The mural titled ‘POSSE IN EFFECT’ is situated at the intersection of 14th and Ave. A holds significant historical and cultural significance. The area served as a hub for Fairey’s street art in the 90s and where the Beastie Boys recorded their first E.P. at 171 A.

The Beastie Boys mural is based on a Glen E. Friedman photo, immortalising the trio during their Licensed to Ill era. Glen E. Friedman is the same photographer who shot their Check Your Head album cover.

The mural is a true masterpiece, with the Beastie Boys depicted in a larger-than-life style that captures the essence of their music and energy.

We, Beastie Boys are definitely a direct product of New York City. It’s a city that showed us what great art and music is and can do and that anything is possible. Life in NYC can at times be very rough harder than many other places, but when New Yorkers show their love, it feels real. It beams bright. Thank you.

Beastie Boys

Fairey has expressed his gratitude towards the Beastie Boys for their contribution to the music industry and their positive impact on culture. The artist also acknowledges the support of the Beastie Boys towards the mural project.

The Beastie Boys mural is a must-visit landmark for both fans of the Beastie Boys and street art enthusiasts. The mural is a fitting tribute to the legendary hip-hop group that has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

The LISA Project NYC has curated this project, transforming the intersection of 14th and Ave. A into a stunning work of art. With notable thanks to Hard Rock Cafe and NYC Mayor.

Photo credit Just a Spectator



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