Richmond Mural Project, Virginia, USA 2016

July 2016 saw the fifth installation of the Richmond Mural Project. Art Whino and RVA Magazine, launched the urban project in 2012, and since then 86 murals have been created throughout the city of Richmond. The goal was 100 murals when they started and after this years project they have achieved it!

Art Whino and RVA Magazine believe that the international artists and the five-year span of the project have established Richmond as a landmark destination for urban art. The 100 murals plan was intended to motivate visitors to stay longer than just one day!

Artists invited to paint in Richmond this year were; Vero Rivera, Taylor White, Naturel, Marka27, Jason Woodside, Jade, Jacob Eveland, Waone, Handiedan and ASVP.

Vero Rivera was born in Puerto Rico where she currently lives and works. With her work she tries to make people think of their surroundings and question themselves whether there is enough nature around us.

Taylor White was born in 1985 and grew up outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. she relocated to Australia to pursue painting full-time, finding a certain spiritual renewal in traversing the textures of urban environments, and furnishing the streets and galleries of Melbourne with her uniquely haunting, expressive portraits of forlorn youth.

Lawrence Atoigue, professionally known as Naturel, is an illustrative based artist who’s quickly emerging in today’s postmodern scene. His futuristic illustrations have successfully blended methods of Pop and Cubism with a Surrealist vision.

Born in Juarez, Mexico, and raised in Dallas, Texas, Marka27’s foray into the art world began in the city’s streets mastering the art of graffiti.

Jason Woodside is an artist living and working in New York City.

Peruvian artist Jade Rivera just finished an impressive new piece titled “La Espera”, meaning… to wait.

Jacob Eveland works in multiple mediums to show his story of a world that represents his past. Jacob creates pieces that stand for past experience in his life. He blends items and animals he grew up around to make something new.

Vladimir Manzhos aka Waone started painting on the streets as far back as 1999.  Waone believes that art is one of the paths to perfection and divine worlds, and the main goal of an artist is to make the highest divine values understandable for the common man through art.  Since 2016 Waone works as a single artist.

Handiedan’s artistic universe revolves around some leading visual motifs and yet it amazes thanks to its complexity, both in terms of formal composition and in terms of the technique she uses for making them. These two aspects together determine the irresistible charm of her art.

ASVP began working as a team in 2008, developing a unique, hand drawn, multi-layered graphic style, often marrying iconic eastern and western imagery with recurring nods to advertising, pop and comic book culture.

Photos courtesy of TostFilms




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