Saype’s latest Land Art offers Hope and Positivity during COVID-19 Lockdown, Switzerland 2020

A giant land art painting entitled “Beyond Crisis” by French artist Saype is pictured in the alpine resort of Leysin, Switzerland.

The artwork covering more than 3000 square meters was produced with biodegradable paints made from natural pigments such as coal and chalk.

Saype painted ‘Beyond Crisis’ with the COVID-19 Pandemic in mind.

knowing that most of the world in lockdown Saype seized the opportunity of the Swiss semi-confinement to share an optimistic message and a breath of fresh air.

The artist sends a message of hope and positivity to the world during these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During these times of pandemic, a majority of the world population is confined. Although we are all affected, we live different challenges or struggles and I choose to paint this fresco entitled “BEYOND CRISIS” close to home to share with you an optimistic message and a breath of fresh air.” Saype

Saype illustrates the universal resilience of humans to fight the virus and draw a more harmonious world.

Between innocence and encouragement, this work offers a united and more human world transcribed by this little girl who looks towards the horizon.

This farandole drawn in an arc reminds us of the shape of the coronavirus…

Saype reminds us that it is in these moments of crisis that we must look together to the future.

Photo Credit Valentin Flauraud for Saype



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