Nina Ghafari - No Fear

Nina Ghafari – No Fear 1/1


Medium: Spray paint, acrylic & mixed media on found wood.

Edition: Original 1/1

Size: approx. 28 x 19 x 3cm

Description: Signed and numbered by the Artist.

Year: 2018

Sold Out


Nina Ghafari’s “Beast of No Nation” series is based on her latest installation for Nuart Festival. The installation, driven by her own childhood experiences of second generation immigration, offered a powerful commentary on the plight of refugees and those existing between cultures and on the margins of society.

Nina now continues the conversation with her lastest body of eight works on wood. These words echo Nina’s life experiences and have been chosen as encouraging words of inspiration and motivation to all who live life on the outside…

“Embrace being Different, an Outsider and Rebel against the social norm. Be Proud of your Past and Look Forward to your Future, and Never be afraid to Walk your Own Path in Life. Choose Hope, Choose Love, and find Freedom to always be Yourself in Life.” Nina Ghafari