Space Invader - Prisoners Print

Invader – Prisoners Print


Medium: Archival print on paper

Edition: 100

Size: approx. 63 x 43cm

Description: Signed & Numbered by The Artist.

Year: 2007

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Go back in time with Invader’s ‘Prisoners’, a signed giclée print from 2007 featuring three of the iconic ghosts from the popular arcade game Pac-Man.


In this artwork, Inky, Blinky, and Clyde are depicted as prisoners trapped within a dark and ominous-looking prison. Pac-Man has won and locked those ghosts away! The artwork creates a sense of freedom within the game, as the ghosts are no longer a threat to Pac-Man. The artwork invites reflection on the limitations of our lives and the possibility of breaking free from the constraints that hold us back.