Street Art for Mankind exhibition to Stop Child Slavery, Miami 2017

Street Art for Mankind (SAM) is a world-first street art movement on a mission to stop child slavery. The United Nations #AtThisAge exhibition which ran in January marked the launch of this movement. Over the next five years, Street Art for Mankind will travel the world, using Art to make a stand for the rights of all children to a childhood and an education.

Following on from their UN exhibition in New-York City, Street Art for Mankind settles in Miami to make a stand for the children of the community.  From February 10th to 20th, a new exhibition comes to Little River Miami, to open the eyes of the world on the tragic reality of child labour and child slavery.

Street Art for Mankind have invited thirty-five street artists from all over the world to unite in Miami and create unique and monumental paintings. The artists include MTO, Mr. Dheo, Mr. Cenz, Shalak Attack, Bruno Smoky, Binho, Victor Ash, Ador, Inkie, KinMx, Magda Love, Zurik, Trek6, Yuhmi (Duo), Jo di Bona, Lyes, Icy & Sot, Mr Thom’s, Hoxxoh, KinMx, Agostino Iacurci, Aquarela, Btoy, Hyuro, Abstrk, Surge, Nate Dee, Remote, Didi…

Working together, and reviving the surrealist technique of the 1930’s, the public will be invited to discover a masterpiece maze made out of 65 murals set-up on two stories at 7401 NW Miami Court, 33150 Miami.

“They commit their Art from the street for the children of the streets, to provide us with a path to a more child-friendly world.” SAM

Funds raised via ticketing and the sales of the arts will benefit the foundation of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, especially the “raid and rescues” activities along with the creation of “child friendly villages”.

The opening of the Street Art for Mankind event will take place today at 6PM on Friday February 10th in Little River. It will gather Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, Super-intendant Carvalho, the winning students of the SAM Art contest, the street artists of SAM and the Miami community around a unique exhibition. Discover an unprecedented and gigantic street art masterpiece. And experience spectacular performances from Jon Saxx, voted “Best Local Jazz Artist in South Florida” by Miami New Times, and with the Miami Freerunning Academy specialized in Parkour.

Check out full program and updates here and return to us for picture updates of the street art…


Photo Credit SAM/ @loicerolessi.





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