Street Artist Kevin Ledo and the Ladies of Girls Inc. paint Climate Activist DeeDee to Empower Change, 2023

AptART (Awareness & Prevention Through Art) is back with a brand new mural dedicated to creating awareness and conversations about climate change.

For their latest project, Aptart worked with Montreal-based street artist Kevin Ledo, known for his worldwide portrait murals. Inspired by the beauty and diversity of the human experience, Ledo’s art celebrates the unique spirit of each individual and the richness of cultural and ethnic identities. His portraits are bold and iconic, focusing on composition and delicate colour palettes. 

For this project, Kevin Ledo painted a bold and colourful portrait of a young climate activist named DeeDee and worked with the ladies of Girls Inc. in Lynn.

Girls Inc. of Lynn is a nonprofit organisation based in Massachusetts that inspires all girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold. Since 1942, Girls Inc. of Lynn has responded to the changing needs of girls and their families by providing essential resources and challenging programs to disadvantaged, low-income girls.

Kevin Ledo and Girls Inc. in Lynn focused their mural on what the greater public fails to understand about the future.


97% of actively publishing scientists agree climate change is real and human-caused. There are fires, hurricanes, rising sea levels, poor air quality and less biodiversity, yet action has been slow and insufficient. Humans must come together to implement behaviour change collectively. Leading the movement is young people. Kevin Ledo worked with the ladies of Girls Inc. in Lynn, Massachusetts to bring awareness to this pressing problem. Below is the question: DO YOU REALIZE? Kevin painted a portrait of a young climate activist named DeeDee. Inside her shirt, all the participants painted things they feel adults and the greater public fail to understand about the future. The hope is that all who pass by will read the messages and feel empowered to vote and/or organise their communities for a healthy planet.


Check out the images below …

Since 2010, Aptart has been sharing creative outlets and amplifying the voices of marginalised groups. To transform spaces, Aptart has been connecting communities and sparking conversations. They have spent the last decade painting walls, implementing workshops and installing exhibitions in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Tunisia, Myanmar, Mozambique, Kenya, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, France, Greece, Tunisia, Germany, The United Kingdom and The United States.

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Photo Credit Samantha Robison Aptart



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