Street Artist Rone’s Nostalgic Omega Project, Melbourne 2017

Melbourne based street artist Rone announces his latest work, The Omega Project – a nostalgic and haunting homage to the fading remnants of mid-century Australiana. Rone has totally transformed a quaint abandoned house in Melbourne into a temporary exhibition only open for viewing for just seven days before being demolished.

With all of its neighbouring homes long since bulldozed, the weatherboard cottage is one of the last buildings standing in the middle of an extensive residential building site in Melbourne’s inner north.

“The Omega Project I recently created a series of works and installations in a soon-to-be-demolished house. This was an opportunity to re-create elements of a classic mid-century Australian home in its fragile final moments. The project draws on memories of homes that I visited growing up, and of the many abandoned houses I have recently explored”. Rone

Known for his large-scale portraits of beautiful women, Melbourne-based artist Rone seeks out the creative friction point between beauty and ruin, youth and decay. His other successful show ‘Empty‘ that was exhibited in the soon-to-be-demolished Star Lyric Theatre in Fitzroy, was what led the developer of this site to invite Rone to do something with the space before it disappeared.

“The concept of creating something beautiful within the context of decay and decline is central to the experience of any street artist … As is the idea that whatever you create might be gone the next day.” Rone

Over a series of weeks, surrounded by destruction and construction, Rone transformed the interior of the early 1900s weatherboard house into what he describes as a “fantasy film set”. Heightening the eerie, cinematic feel of the space, he also teamed up with interior stylist, Carly Spooner to recreate the archetypal mid-century Australian interior landscape with chenille bedspreads, wood-grained TV set and all.

“This is a bit of a fantasy project for me… These are things that I think a lot of us grew up with. It’s not what you think of as classic Australiana, but it feels instantly recognisable as Australian. There’s so much about the interiors that I think a lot of people will identify with.” Rone

“Documenting art has become an inextricable part of our experience of viewing it.
And knowing that all this work will be knocked down in a matter of weeks acts as a pretty strong motivator for people to come and experience it before it’s gone.” Rone

For you guys who can’t get to see this beautiful project then check out this incredible VR-ready 3D tour of the site from Phoria.

Also Rones video of the space below from Everfresh Studio…


The Omega Project is now Open For Inspection. The exhibition is only on for 7 days, from Saturday 22 July to Sunday 30 July. 12pm-5pm, 10 minutes north of Melbourne CBD. Click here for more details.


Photo Credit Rone



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