Street artist Ruben Sanchez hits the streets of New York City, 2016

Once a graffiti writer, spanish street artist Ruben Sanchez has taken influence from his skate years and today his style has evolved into a colourful fusion of many elements including; graphic design, graffiti, cubism and tribal art.

Ruben Sanchez has recently visited New York! The city is a mecca for street art, with old school graffiti writers still at work, making it a very attractive playground for artists, from all around the world, to come and paint. Rubens first mural was called Pizza, Rats & Prozac, bringing to NYC that spanish feel good vibe.

His second mural covered two large areas, one area Ruben painted a woman and the other with a man, painting them back to back. Check out what else is intertwined within the couple, which makes Rubens work so interesting…

Ruben Sanchez manages to continue to transform boring walls into an explosion of colour with a cubism-influence. Check back at a later date for more updates from Ruben Sanchez.

Photo credit: Luis Lucas

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