Street Artists are Joining forces to Paint for Social Inclusion in Ciudad Real, Spain 2019

Laborvalía and Ink and Movement are joining forces for an epic project titled “Titanes” to promote social inclusion. This inclusive cultural project will see the region of Ciudad Real transformed into an example of social inclusion through art, creating a huge open-air museum.

Laborvalía works to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities and to improve their quality of life. We use art to change the way society sees people with disabilities and to brighten up our province.

Ciudad Real is Situated in Campo de Calatrava, landscape dominated by many hills, Ciudad Real offers a modern layout that has been able to maintain all the flavour of La Mancha.

The titanic project, curated by Okuda San Miguel will convert the plains of La Mancha into an unmissable destination for art lovers. Fourteen of the biggest names on the contemporary art scene will paint ten disused silos in the region in one of the world’s biggest art events for social inclusion.

The artist Okuda San Miguel and his Ink and Movement team are once again teaming up with the Laborvalía association to promote the integration of people with disabilities in society and the workplace. Phase one begins on 1 April and will run until October, with Ciudad Real set to experience a cultural transformation that will go down in history thanks to ‘Titanes’.

Artists invited are Okuda San Miguel, who is curating the project, Bicicleta sem Freio, Daniel Muñoz, Demsky J., Equipo Plástico (made up of Eltono, Nuria Mora, Nano4814 and Sixe Paredes), Fintan Magee, Hell’O, Smithe, Nychos, Ricardo Cavolo and Spok Brillor.

The artists won’t be working alone. The ‘Titanes’ initiative seeks to stimulate social inclusion through art, with 450 members of the Laborvalía association for the inclusion of people with disabilities working alongside the artists on various activities.

The initiative marks the 15th anniversary of the first large-format urban art festival in Spain: the Urban Art event, which took place in 2004 on the Canary Islands. The original meeting was organised by Ink and Movement under its previous moniker Pluralform and was a pioneering event of its kind in Spain and beyond. Fast forward 15 years and many of the young artists who first took part are returning—now as well-established names—to participate in this new landmark event, ‘Titanes’.

TIMINGS AND LOCATIONS; Okuda San Miguel – April 1-8 Calzada de Calatrava,  Demsky J. + Smithe – April 1-8 Corral de Calatrava, Equipo Plástico – April 1-10 Manzanares, Daniel Muñoz + Spok Brillor – April 1-10 Manzanares Hell’O – April 1-13 Malagón, Bicicleta Sem Freio – April 2-12 at La Solana, Fintan Magee – April 25 – May 25 at Herencia. Following artists: Nychos, Ricardo Cavolo, Okuda San Miguel…

Titanes is a beautiful collaborative project bringing much needed awareness to the streets of Ciudad Real through art. These projects are vital to raise awareness about living with a disability, and supporting a community. Projects like this bring social interaction which can reduce loneliness, anxiety and depression that exclusion and prejudices often brings.



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