Street Artists Uncage Art to Fight the Illegal Tiger Trade, 2017

Six global artists have collaborated with WWF and Tiger Beer to uncage art to fight the illegal tiger trade. Over the last 100 years, we have lost 96% of the tiger population. With as few as 3,890 wild tigers left worldwide, Tiger Beer is committed to protecting them. To do that, they are supporting WWF with a US$1M donation this year.

Just over a century ago, there were thought to be around 100,000 wild tigers, now, as few as 3,890 remain in the wild. Their greatest threat is poachers, who are killing wild tigers to make products like medicine and tiger skin rugs. All of the tiger is sold, from their whiskers down to their paws.

“With as few as 3,890 tigers left in the wild, we have to act now. As our brand icon and a symbol of strength across the world, tigers have been inspiring art and culture throughout history. 2017, We’re doing our part by working with WWF over the next 6 years. With your help, we can get this urgent message out and gather support for tigers.” Tiger Beer

WWF and thirteen tiger range governments are committed to doubling the number of wild tigers by the year 2022, the Chinese year of the tiger.

Using art as a weapon, artists inspired to fight the illegal tiger trade are; Hua Tunan, Kenji Chai, Tran Nguyen, Nootk, Nick Gentry and Mlle Maurice.

Follow two of the artists, Hua Tunan and Nick Gentry on the trail of wild tigers in Cambodia …

“The Spirit of the tiger has been the inspiration and the strength I created. I am very honoured to co-cooperate with WWF and Tiger Beer this year, using the power of art to protect the world’s only 3890 Wild Tigers and refuse to trade the wild tiger trade!” Hua Tunan

Each artist has created selfie art inspired by their artistic talents, which requires your selfie picture to help spread the word and show your support, creating your own artwork to fight illegal tiger trade and then spreading your art through social media #3890Tigers.

Visit Tiger Beers special #3890Tigers page and create your very own selfie to show your support and share your favourite via social media to help spread the word.  Don’t let wild tigers disappear for good.

Street Artist Kenji Chai selfie art is coming 26th June.

To protect a tiger through WWF donate here.

Photo/video credit Tiger Beer




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