‘A History of Us’ (sort of) by Pahnl, Coventry 2015

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum plays host to Pahnls second solo show ‘The History of Us’ from 12th June to 4th October 2015 . Pahnl has created thousands of his loveable tiny figures recreating millions of years of adapted history in street art form – created in situ in the gallery in under two weeks!

Pahnl visually takes us through millions of years from the explosive beginning to an uncertain future, a unique and unconventional art exhibition providing us with a witty, sometimes factual and often a little bit subversive history lesson of the world. This is one loaded timeline!

Pahnl has collided relevant and the irreverent details that will takes visitors on an epic street art journey through the history of the human race – and its main protagonists are thousands of tiny, graphic people. Stencilled directly onto the gallery walls and this ambitious mural is 44-metre! and lets repeat all undertaken in under two weeks!

Expect primal prehistory, to the pyramid-building Egyptians, the proud Romans, the dim Dark Ages, the industrious Victorians, and the World Wars that followed, the exhibition hurtles toward life today and onwards to a speculative future. It includes the dawning of key inventions and milestones including the wheel, ‘pointy swords’, alcohol, politicians, electricity bills, flight and predictive text.

Pahnl has been painting tiny people and animals for over 10 years and this is his biggest challenge to date. His mural tells a fascinating story about our past, our love of discord and progress, and what the future – maybe – holds for the human race.

“Pahnl’s work ‘A History of Us’ is something completely different to anything most people will ever see. The timeline is mostly based on fact, but some parts are a construct of the artist’s own imagination, and it’s all done with a cheeky sense of humour. We first worked with Pahnl through the Fresh Paint element of our Street Art exhibition in 2011, and we are thrilled that his this, his second ever solo show will be held here in Coventry.” Herbert Museum


This is one loaded history lesson and GraffitiStreet will be sure to do their homework and send you teasers from the opening of the show.


A History of Us runs at the Herbert Museum & Art Gallery from 12 June to 4 October 2015, and is free to attend.

The exhibition is supported by Arts Council England.

Don’t forget to check back at a later date for pictures and of course some answers to our questions with Pahnl.



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