Vision Art Festival, Crans-Montana Ski Resort, Switzerland 2016

The Vision Art Festival is back for a second year in the beautiful setting of the Valais Alps. The idea to create an open-air museum in the mountains, spread over an incredible surface located between 1.500 and 3.000m above sea level, was the wonderful and crazy idea of its founder and Art Director Gregory Pages.
With its spectacular circular view, coiled up on a mountainous plateau overlooking the Rhone valley and the Valais Alps, the renowned Swiss resort of Crans-Montana offers an ideal platform to prize the contemporary currents of the Urban and Street art scene showing the work of artists who have taken art into open space.

The second edition of the Vision Art Festival which took place in August, from 20 to 27, just before the mythical Omega European Masters, and artists invited were Pixel Pancho (Italy), Tones One, (Switzerland), Antonyo Marest (Spain), Marina Capdevila (Spain), Moneyless (Italy), Fanakapan (UK), Curiot (Mexico), Ernest Zacharevic (Lithuania), Twoone/Hiroyasu Tsuri (Japan), Okuda & Felipe Pantone (Spain)

Born in Geneva, Switzerland and immersed in the graffiti milieu since 2000, TONES grew up as a writer within the EDK & DVS crew, directly inspired by the traditional New York style. Funky technician of the letter & committed disciple of style, his specificity is to make his letters dance through connections, funk and flow while respecting the New York school codes.

Antonyo Marest was born in Spain in 1987; Having traveled across the globe, he absorbs graphic culture from America to Central Europe.

Marine Capdevila currently works as an independent illustrator and her works are smaller as well as huge murals. Inspiration comes from the people’s daily routine and familiar situation in her tiny home town or in the modern city life. Marina loves to exaggerate these familiar situations, adding a very humoristic side to it. In her huge murals she often portrays elderly couples enjoying a leisure life, and this time her characters are enjoying the swiss alps, if a little cold!!

Moneyless grew up as a member of the 90’s graffiti scene in Tuscany, which he attributes to the development of his artistic identity. Combining his graffiti and fine art backgrounds, the artist has been able to develop a unique style of geometric art.

“My name comes out from the concept-statement of making art without any budget, starting from raw, salvaged and poor materials, if you wish, it’s a kind of rejection of the consumerist world”. Moneyless

Fanakapan pushes back street art’s limits by creating a 3D illusion. Since 2010 he creates murals representing helium balloons. For this wall Fanakapan wandered through the local Friday market looking for something typical swiss and picked out a shiny chrome key chain representing a cow. The 3D painting is absolutely amazing picturing also the shadows of the environment, the sky and the reflection of the sun.

Curiot is a painter and street artist working in Mexico City. Curiot’s murals relate to Mexican traditions (geometric designs, Day of the Dead styles, myths and legends, tribal elements), are rendered in precise detail with a mixture of highly vibrant yet complementary colours. Here he stuck with one colour.

Pixel Pancho is an Italian street artist who creates robotic creatures inspired by different environments: the beach, the forest, the Sci-Fi universe and the Swiss Alps!

Ernest “ZACH” Zacharevic, born 1986 in Lithuania, is a multidisciplinary contemporary and public artist based in Penang, Malaysia. Zacharevic creates oil paintings, installations, sculptures and stencil and spray paint to produce culturally relevant compositions both inside gallery space and in the arena of public art and walls. His interest in the outdoor pieces is in the interaction between mural and the urban landscape, with concepts arising as part of a spontaneous response to the environment. In this mural Ernest Zacharevic figured a little child – maybe a girl but it could also be a boy – riding on Bambi. He seems quite surprised but the child is having fun. On the far bottom left Thumper, the rabbit, is looking at the scene quite mocking.

Enjoy the GIF…

Extremely talented street artist and painter Hiroyasu Tsuri, aka TWOONE, was born in Yokohama in 1985. He developed an interest in drawing and crafting at an early age through skateboard graphics and graffiti. He is widely known for his magnetising depictions of hybrid, animal headed and human bodied creatures.

The two Spanish artists, Okuda and Felipe Pantone, who were part of the first edition have returned to Crans-Montana this spring to paint together a big mural on the parking lot of the cable car Les Violettes during the well-known electro music festival Caprices and huge panels in the smoking parlor of the festival’s tent. It was the first time that they shared a space and the results are amazing…

Another great festival in the swiss alps and with the snow as a white background these murals really pop! Check out Vision Art Festival for snowier times ahead with their grand winter opening 7-11 December 2016.




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