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Street Art Shines in Kootoomba, New South Wales, Australia 2017

September 30, 2017

Our Aussie blogger Jess is back Down Under catching some sunshine for a few months and snapping up the street art goods to share with us! Kootoomba is a rural town in New South Wales, securing it’s fame as being the door to the ionic Australian Blue Mountains. The Aboriginal named town means ‘Shining falling […]

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Street Art Barcelona, Spain

June 1, 2015

Since the 1992 Olympics, the Catalonia capital has transformed into one of the most rejuvenated cities of our modern world. Between 1999-2005, Barcelona was overflowing with international graffiti artists and highlighted the Spanish artists trying to become noticed. It was considered the unofficial graffiti city of the world, the Golden Age of street art. Since […]

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Street art heaven in Valparaiso, Chile

August 27, 2014

The seaside city of Valparaiso, about two hours northwest of Santiago, immediately welcomes you with colour, vibrant scenes and explosions of creativity. Recommended by a friend, who had regrettably skipped this underrated tourist-friendly city, Valparaiso ended up becoming one of my favourite cities in South America and was nothing short of street art heaven. Chilean […]

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