Belgian Street Artist Bisser Paints a Mural that’s Electrifying!, 2021

Gijs Vanhee has been inviting street artists to his home town of Mechelen in Belgium for Mechelen Muurt. Street artists such as Milu Correch (Buenos Aires, Arg), Smates (Be), Dzia (Be), poster artist Krea Shit (Be), and graphic novelist Shamisa Debroey (Be), Mark Goss (London, UK), Sam Scarpulla (Be), Samuel Vanderveken (be), and Strook (Be). have already painted huge murals in this historic city and now Bisser has been invited to bring his ideas to the walls of Mechelen and join the artist list.

Bisser was given creative freedom for the wall and felt the size of the wall was perfect to bring one of his older ideas to fruition.

“Electricity is something we take for granted. We can’t live without it, so I thought this was a good starting point for a concept. So I started thinking about how to visualize this, and right away, I found this simple symbol for electricity: the plug. So small and yet so important to us. That’s why I wanted to paint it BIG!” Bisser

“The characters are called BisStrekkers (strekker=plug-in). If you look closely, their heads have these two pins and a hole to fit the plug. And they are desperate to get to the plug to charge.” Bisser

“The walls location is on the parking of the school CVO along the Vaart canal in Mechelen. It’s hidden behind trees except for the highest right part. This part you can see from very far. That’s why I choose to paint the plug there. So most people see only the plug, and if they get closer, they’ll see the BisStekkers.” Bisser

The final mural is electrifying!

Photo credit Bisser

Work in progress photo credit Sam Cornette



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