Love for the streets (Valentine’s Special)

Street artists all over the world use love as the basis for their artwork. Lets share the love and celebrate Valentines day by looking at some of the most heart felt street murals out there …

Committed by Nils Westergard can be found in the romantic city of Paris. This beautiful mural reminds us that nothing can stand between true Love , L’Amour triomphe de tout.


Alex Senna is a street artist from Sao Paulo. His large black and white charismatic characters typically revolve around love and relationships, he definitely establishes a romantic dialogue with any viewer.

3F aka 3Fountains , is a pseudonym for one of UK’s newest street artist who’s motives are mostly based around love, peace and sometimes involve social critique. It is clear that love was on 3F’s mind looking at this recent murals in Utsirart, Norway.


Banksy famous for his witty and social critique takes on love time and time again. Kissing Coppers suggests that love should be accepted publicly and displayed freely, conventional or not, love is love. In his latest mural Mobile Lovers, Banksy takes on our addiction to cellphones and how couples get distracted by technology. Then we have his New York piece Love Hurts. A foil heart balloon is covered in plasters, a simple but again a clever piece by the stencil king.

Cept is certainly known for his colourful comic murals and the viewer feels the emotion in Love will tear us apart mural found in Hoxton, London and Love will tear us apart again found in Shoreditch , London.

One of Londons most Loved street artists, Stik, paints stick figured people. These colourful stick people are so intriguing because he is able to express so much emotion and convey complex body language with these simple shapes. We think this one in Hackney, London shows a public display of affection at its best.


D*Face has painted his own reinterpretation of pop art on billboards, street walls and canvases across the world. Although he draws strongly on imagery from pop artists like Lichtenstein, his work has a more sinister side capturing the emotions of love.

Hunto‘s pieces are an ongoing exploration of the intertwined themes of eroticism and human relationships. Like Picasso before him, and inspired by that same spellbinding Mediterannean light, this Italian isn’t afraid of colour, bold shapes and movement.

Enjoy Valentines Day and listen to the wise words from Huntoland ….Lets Flirt!



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