With its wry take on the Cubist visual language, Hunto's work breathes new life into one of the most important artistic movements of all time.

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Hunto – Together H/F Print

Brindisi, Italy

Like Picasso before him, and inspired by that same spellbinding Mediterannean light, this Italian isn't afraid of colour, bold shapes and movement. Hunto's pieces are an ongoing exploration of the intertwined themes of eroticism and human relationships. You get the distinct feeling this artist just wants to put into painted form what makes us tick as a species. He's making some real waves too, with a raft of serious commissions to his name.

During his first steps, Hunto was inspired by the works of Picasso and Braque. He then moved towards Cubism and created his orginal and characteristic style that is well known around the streets.

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