The lowdown on STIK

Stik – Single Mum (Yellow)

London, United Kingdom

Stik is London's most treasured street artist. From living on the cold streets, Stik found comfort and then fame, with his street art work, painting his Stik figures on the streets of London. Stik started off in Hackney wick and made his way to the street art mecca of Shoreditch. These stik figures are simple, only six lines, a circle and two dots for eyes, yet these figures convey many emotions and feelings.
His artwork has taken him over to New York City, where he held a solo show and Tokyo and can even be found on the walls of Bono and Elton John. Stik has utilised his increasing popularity to raise money, and awareness, for many charities often helping homelessness in the City.

Pieces by STIK

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