STIK – Walk (Red)


Medium: 3 colour hand pulled silk screen print

Edition: 50

Size: 43 x 114cm

Description: Signed, numbered and embossed

Year: 2012

Condition: Condition: Very good with one or two minor condition issues. A condition report and photos are available on request.

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Stik’s story is an inspiration to all. Despite facing homelessness, he found solace in his art and created a unique style that has become a beloved staple of the street art movement worldwide. Stik’s iconic six-line, two-dot stick figures were first drawn as a boy and developed while he was sleeping rough and moving from hostel to hostel. Eventually, carrying his drawings with him became too difficult, so he used the city as his canvas, showcasing his evolving relationship with his surroundings.

In 2012, Stik’s highly-anticipated gallery exhibition “Walk” was showcased at the renowned Imitate Modern London. The show featured a range of canvas prints, sculptures, and lightboxes. At the time, he was living in a hostel for the homeless run by St Mungo’s, making the exhibition and screen print, also titled “Walk”, a poignant reminder of his determination to strive towards a better future.