The lowdown on Jerkface

Jerkface – Donut Mobile (Strawberry)


Jerkface (American, b. 1982) is an enigmatic artist who hails from the bustling metropolis of New York. Ever since he was young, Jerkface had a passion for art and would often draw pictures of his favourite cartoon characters after school. As he grew older, Jerkface's interest in art evolved into a love for graffiti. His artwork is a playful take on popular culture iconography, often filled with a sense of nostalgia and subversion. Jerkface's pieces are known for their fun and lighthearted nature, frequently bringing a smile to the viewer's face. The artist achieves a captivating aesthetic by combining character repetition with geometric abstraction, earning him worldwide recognition. Jerkface's artwork has been exhibited in Hong Kong, London, and New York, as well as featured on murals across the globe.

Pieces by Jerkface