Mason Storm

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The lowdown on Mason Storm

Mason Storm – Toxic Beach

Mason Storm is a well-respected British artist who creates captivating and thought-provoking works. His art uses satire to highlight the paradoxes and inconsistencies of contemporary society. He masterfully blends elements from popular culture, such as TV shows, movies, and classical paintings by renowned artists like Johannes Vermeer, Caravaggio etc. Storm's clever and witty associations address pressing issues of our time. Like Banksy, Storm remains anonymous and conceals his identity with a designer balaclava. There have been rumors for years that he may be one of Banksy's accomplices. In 2010, he even threatened to reveal Banksy's identity to promote himself. Recently, Storm created a series of paintings and sketches titled "Monkey Parliament," which some speculate suggest he created Banksy's renowned artwork "Devolved Parliament" (2009). This painting sold for over $12.1 million at auction in 2019. Storm claims to be a self-taught artist with a diverse background in martial arts, security, and intelligence.

Pieces by Mason Storm