POW WOW Street Art Road Trip, Israel 2017

It has been a busy year for contemporary art initiative POW! WOW! taking art and culture around the world with their vibrant street art festivals. We have seen POW! WOW! colour the streets in Washington D.C., Hawaii  and California so far this year alone!

POW! WOW! lead-director and artist Kamea Hadar decided to take the team back to his birthplace of Israel. Kamea Hadar grew up in the worlds of his Japanese mother and Israeli father, and studied at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel.

They felt POW! WOW! had returned to its humble beginnings with the small family road trip, couch surfing around Israel and Jordan to collaborate, contribute, share culture, and beautify communities with art.

Artists painting on the road trip were Cryptik, Cyrcle, Dioz, Drew Merritt, Elna, Fafi, Jeff Noelle, Kamea Hadar, Klone, Terry, Jasper Wong and Zero Cents. They painted in Arad

They also painted in Tel Aviv, Israel an area known to Kamea Hadar in his younger days.

Check out the finished murals below courtesy of our buddy POW!WOW! founder Jasper Wong.

See all the action via this video documenting the entire adventure, as it captures the spirit of their time in Israel and Jordan. Video directed by Andrew Tran.

“It was our first road trip project and we hope to do more soon.” Jasper Wong Founder and lead Director POW!WOW!


Photo courtesy of Jasper Wong



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