PULPA Festival Volume 2, Montesilvano Italy 2022

Montesilvano, a small seaside suburb outside Pescara in Abruzzi, celebrated their second street art festival called PULPA. Pulpa Festival is founded by Enrico Peca, Art Director of Spazio 010 – Studio Creativo, and their mission is to offer a new way of experiencing their city, to create tourism, and to bring world-class cultural production in the core of the cities involved and to rehabilitate neglected places.

The festival took place from 17 and 18 September 2022, in Montesilvano, on a 200-metre railway perimeter wall on Viale Europa, known to locals as ‘Strada Parco’. The theme of “volume 2” was ‘Change’.. 

“Change is the one constant, scenarios are mutable and innovations are unintentional. In this moment, it’s possible to give a new face to reality.  We try to create our future, moving between real and virtual spaces, which are fundamental to our reality. 

Art pushes towards sustainable change and the artists’ vision helps to dissect the most complex contexts and perceive reality differently. Changing the viewpoint becomes a necessity. There is not just one solution to problems. You have to be in harmony with what is around you.”

Enrico Peca

22 artists of international calibre took part in this edition: Ale Senso, Edoardo Ettorre, Basik, Burla Manu, Davide Dpa, Desx, Etnik, Giusy Guerriero, Kunos, Luca Barcellona, Liberi & Barca, Luca Ledda, Psiko, Raul, Refreshink, Run, Samuele Romano, Tony Gallo, Uman, Urban Kofa, Zot19.

Alongside the street artists a ‘free wall’ was launched leaving blank spaces on the 200-metre wall invite young local creative minds of all abilities to unleash.

Check out the murals below …



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