“Quiet little Voices” My Dog Sighs, Southsea 2015

The GS team head on down to Southsea, Portsmouth to check out MyDogSighs newly anticipated show ‘Quiet Little Voices’, MDS’s first solo event in two years. Hosting the exhibition is the newly opened Tattoo parlour ‘Play Dead‘ in Highland Road, owned by MDS good friends Samo White and Lex. Inspired by ‘Play Dead’, Friday the Thirteenth and the local cemetery opposite, MDS chose a darker side to his art.

“Some (artworks) have embraced the nod to a gallery called play dead, opposite a grave yard and are slightly darker, but not all” MDS

We had already anticipated a large queue after we read on social media it had begun at 7 am!  These were true fans of MDS tackling the cold sea breeze of Southsea to get a one-off tattoo designed by the Portsmouth artist ahead of his exhibition tonight. This, for some fans their first ever tattoo, a compliment to MDS. 

“See art. Buy art. Be a canvas for art! How cool is that?!?!” MDS

There are goody bags packed for the first few through the door, glass jars included (below) …and MDS, the founder of Free Art Friday, has left some little tasters around Southsea for lucky seekers to find.

The queue is hefty when we arrive, but there is a great crowd mixed with locals and fans from further afield; spirits are high, and we all grab a little glimpse into the window full of MDS treasures of what’s to come.
MDS works the queue and stops to welcome and chat with everyone. This is a family affair, and it was great to meet MDS’s family and close friends. His oldest son, D, has dressed very similar to MDS… a mini version with paint all over his jeans! After chatting to MDS, we find out D  had to dress up as ‘someone who inspires him’ for school today… and he had chosen his Dad. Warm heart glowing, I ask D if he wants to be an artist when he grows up, to which he replies ‘No!’ Don’t you just love them!

We make our way into the venue, and it’s filled to the brim with MDS goodies. There is a great diverse choice from Mydogsighs with prices to please everyone’s pocket, limited edition screen prints, t-shirts and recycled cans with his signature faces looked on. We spot the umbrella that MDS has just produced, gaining popularity since his own painted one from Glastonbury Festival last year, and with the threat of rain, this is a must! Check out the photos below…

‘Quiet Little Voices’ runs for three weeks, so make sure you visit the treasure trove of MyDogSighs goodies…and grab a tattoo by the friendly staff at the same time… remember they only Play Dead.



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