Banksy – Flying Copper Print (Unsigned)


Medium: 3 colour screen print Edition: 600 Size: 71 x 101 cm Description: Numbered. Supplied with a Pest Control Certificate of Authenticity. Year: 2003 Condition: Excellent, no apparent condition issues. Contact us for more information on how to purchase this piece.


According to the description by Banksy, the print “Flying Copper” is a “Deluxe and very large screen print of a flying pig. Apparently popular with the boys in blue (actually true).”

Banksy’s “Flying Copper” artwork portrays an armed police officer donning a yellow smiley face reminiscent of the ’90s acid house culture, along with angel wings attached to the officer’s back, symbolising the expression “pigs will fly.” The”Flying Copper” artwork is a satirical take on authority and power, a common theme in his work. The print is a bold and striking image that challenges the viewer to question the actions of those in positions of authority. Banksy aptly notes,

The Greatest Crimes in the World are not Committed by People Breaking the Rules but by People Following the Rules.”

It was first displayed on cardboard and suspended from the ceiling at the Turf War exhibition in the East End of London in 2003. In the same year, Banksy released screenprints of the work.